PerkettPR”s Interview Series - “Persuasive Women” features Alison Sansone

Next up in our  “Persuasive Women” interview series is Alison Sansone. Alison is the creator of ‘Be There Bedtime Stories’, a webcam storytelling platform inspired by Alison’s own desire to connect with her two far-away toddler nieces and “be there” during the girls’  formative years.  Prior to the launch of this business, Alison was running [...]

Persuasive Picks for week of 11/21/11

Sherilyn Macale of The Next Web ponders Could the future of social media be in video and audio? in this article that examines social media as it moves from text-based communication towards multimedia-based. SFGate shows it’s readers How Social Media Can Help Consumers Save Money in this informative post by Lewis Humphires Duke Chung, co-founder [...]

Thanks From PerkettPR

It’s that time of year again when we take a day off in the U.S. to breathe a little more, slow down (even if for just one day), think about the blessings in our life and thank those around us who make it better every day. I asked the PerkettPR team what they’re grateful for [...]

PerkettPR’s Interview Series “Persuasive Women” – Shelli Johnson

PerkettPR is pleased to continue our series of “Persuasive Women” interviews with Shelli Johnson, a life/leadership coach, consultant and entrepreneur who lives on the Frontier of Wyoming. Shelli shares her thoughts on living life to the fullest and how she pushes herself and others to take on new challenges and pursue new goals. We think [...]

Persuasive Picks for the week of 11/14/11

Why Social Media Works is a great article byJoe Britton, CEO of Sugar Ventures LLC and provides some insight at Business Insider on to how advertisers can reach consumers through mobile and social media marketing.   MarketingProfs Ford Kanzler and H.Buford Barr explain the skills and attributes needed to be a successful PR pro; and how to adapt [...]

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