Persuasive Picks for the week of 05/24/10

Every Facebook Privacy Feature Revealed and Explained With upwards of 56 different options to play with, Facebook’s privacy settings can be dizzying to say the least. This MacLife post breaks down the options to a more digestible level – at least until Facebook changes things up again! Planning a New Content Marketing Initiative? Consider These [...]

Jumpin’ on the Sex and the City 2 ‘Brand’ Wagon

Unless you live under a rock, I am sure that by now you are very, or depending on who’s reading this, painfully, aware that Sex and the City 2 hits theaters nation-wide today. It’s virtually impossible not to know that this movie is out in theaters as you’ve probably seen the overly-hyped movie trailer, one [...]

Constant Contact Acquires NutshellMail; Social Media Marketing Made Easy for SMBs

By now, you’ve likely heard the big news on our client front today - Constant Contact has added social media marketing to their arsenal of tools for small businesses and organizations, through the acquisition of NutshellMail. Now, while I may be biased, I can honestly say that NutshellMail does exactly what the name implies - [...]

Persuasive Picks for the week of 05/17/10

PR Responsibilities | Selling Social Media Ashley Wirthlin and Frank Strong offer up Part one of a multi-part series on PR responsibilities. This first post dives into the challenges PR firms face when adding social media to their roster of client services. 10 Ways to Improve Your Work-Life Balance shares 10 tips for web-workers [...]

Social Media is a Fad … Like Websites Don’t Matter

Today I heard at least three different people comment that social media is a fad. Although they were positioning it in jest, there was also a bit of questioning in their tone. So let me ask you this: - Do you use email?- How often do you IM?- Do you have a website? What about [...]

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