Social Media Club: Increasing your blog’s influence

During this week’s Social Media Club meet-up in DC, b5 Media CTO Aaron Brazell (@technosailor on Twitter) gave an excellent presentation entitled “Blog Draft Day: Making it into the Bigs”. The presentation covers a great mix of social media and blog related topics that centralize around the challenges bloggers face when trying to increase influence. [...]

A Tale of Two Breakfasts

While working for a virtual company is an altogether fantastic experience, it’s not uncommon for a little “cabin fever” to set in every now and then. Escaping from the home office for client meetings or networking events can offer a nice change of pace. This week I was able to venture out for some [quite [...]

Tools of choice: Twitter vs. Facebook

Social Media consultant Tom Raftery recently wrote a blog post about the power of Twitter versus Facebook as communications tools. Tom had recently used both tools to aid his search for a new job. Ultimately, he found the Twitter community responded to his to his messages much more frequently than his attempt on Facebook and [...]

On-Demand Webinar

Choosing the Best Technology Platforms for Your SMB presented by Christine Perkett

Christine Perkett Interviewed - Part 1

Christine Perkett Interviewed - Part 2

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