If Your Social Content Isn’t Brand-Relevant, It’s Just Noise

In the PR industry, we’re paid to make people take notice. Notice of products, services, people, companies. Notice of articles, comments, updates, events. And it’s not always easy - it’s a crowded world out there and “breaking through the noise” is a big challenge. Social media has opened up the options for promotion - we’re [...]

Persuasive Picks for the week of 03/21/11

Pepsi Refresh: Social Media’s Pearl Harbor or Waterloo?This post by Chris Yeh on the Agency Collaboration blog responds to Bob Hoffman’s “scorching” Ad Contrarian post with a fresh and insightful view on the highly publicized Pepsi Refresh campaign. Why I’m Glad I Went to SXSW (Despite My Reluctance): One Virgin’s ExperienceFresh off the heals of our own [...]

Business Lessons Learned from Kelly Cutrone

Before I read Kelly Cutrone’s New York Times best seller, “If You Have to Cry Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You,” I caught a few episodes of her reality show, “Kell on Earth” documenting her fashion PR firm, People’s Revolution. While I wasn’t completely impressed with the operation as documented on [...]

Persuasive Picks for the week of 03/14/11

The secrets of Lady Gaga’s social media successSimon Owens highlights the path of Lady Gaga’s success with all things social including some pretty jaw dropping stats via this post on TheNextWeb.com. 5 Questions (and Answers) About Social Location MarketingMarketingProf‘s Ann Handley shares a short Q&A with “Social Location Marketing” author Simon Salt, who explains why [...]

Interview with Steve Strauss

We took a few minutes to sit down with one of our favorite journalists, Steve Strauss from USAToday. Steve, who is often called “the country’s leading small business expert,” is a lawyer, author, and USATODAY.com columnist. His latest book is the Small Business Bible. Steve is also a speaker in high demand who has spoken [...]

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