Users gripe, Adobe listens

Have you ever had an experience using a product that motivated you to tell the world about it? Web designers Erik Frick and Adam Meisel did. Their professional use of Adobe products spawned the creation of a small site called Dear Adobe that could be used as a sounding board to vent their frustrations. Once [...]

Persuasive Picks for the week of 09/01/08

Podcasting dead or alive? TrendsSpotting marketing indicators Taly Weiss from dives head first into a well researched post about podcasting trends and whether podcasts still provide value as a new media tool. A List of Social Media Marketing Examples Peter Kim launched an extremely valuable list of brands that are currently using social media. [...]

Social Media + New York City + Fashion Week = Inside the Tents

We’ve been having a great time with our client Gift Girl - and we haven’t even launched yet! In addition to some fun pre-launch video interviews, Gift Girl has now teamed with My It Things to create Inside The Tents - an aggregated inside look from fashionista bloggers and reporters covering Mercedes Benz Fashion week [...]

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Christine Perkett Interviewed - Part 1

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