Persuasive Picks for the week of 10/24/11

This week’s Persuasive Picks begin with a great article by Hubspot entitled “5 Ways to Double Your Social Media Results“, which explores new tools that have emerged that will enable your company to optimize & increase promotion of tweets. Over at Technorati, Bryan Cain-Jackson talks about mobile social media in his article “Mobile Social Media Is The Way [...]

Introducing PerkettPR’s New Interview Series - “Persuasive Women”

PerkettPR is excited to present a new series of interviews entitled “Persuasive Women” - featuring women entrepreneurs whom we admire.  These influential females will share their thoughts on how they’ve built their businesses, give insights on the hurdles they have encountered, and highlight some exciting tidbits on what they have planned next. The first ”Persuasive Woman”  we [...]

Persuasive Picks for the week of 10/17/11

We start off this week’s Persuasive Picks post with “Taking Social Media Beyond Your Own Ego“. Ramon Ray and the team offer insight on how not to fall into the “do it yourself trap” and how to truly take social media beyond the ego for your business in this straight-forward article over at BusinessInsider [...]

Blackberry Blackout—A PR Crisis

I have a Blackberry. And while most of my colleagues, friends, and family have abandoned their “CrackBerries” for the Apple’s iPhone or Motorola’s Droid, I have remained loyal. Maybe because I am in a contract with Verizon until October 2012 or maybe because I am simply attached- addicted to the tiny keys, BBM, and square [...]

Kids can Participate in Social Media….Safely

Recently I was watching a news story about several women who had fallen prey to a man with a fake Facebook profile. I often wonder how people fall for these scams, but as I watched it, I could see how it could happen - the man seemed genuine and “normal.” In fact, I have found [...]

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