Don’t Let the Dog Groomer Cut Your Hair … or the Social Media Expert Run Your PR

Several conversations held with industry pals yesterday had me thinking a lot about public relations and the entire social media craze that is - in some minds - threatening the PR industry. I’ve been asked a lot of questions in recent interviews such as: “What is social media?” “Who should own the social media responsibility [...]

Persuasive Picks for the week of 04/12/09

How to Sell Your Soul on Twitter and Who’s Buying The water in the Twitter stream will only get dirtier as it continues to take precedence in the mainstream media spotlight. Spam-based money making marketing schemes are a part of that filth, and Marshall Kirkpatrick chronicles one such abuse that has ties to the likes [...]

PR Firms Need to Get Personal Now More Than Ever - a “Journalists Are People Too” Interview with David Spark, Spark Media Solutions

Recently, one of our staff members, Fred Han, received an interesting email from an industry friend - David Spark of Spark Media Solutions. David is a new media consultant and producer with more than 14 years knowledge and experience as a journalist reporting on the tech industry in print, radio, TV, and online. In the [...]

Persuasive Picks for the week of 03/29/09

Engage different consumers in different ways – why segmentation is key The FreshNetworks blog recaps Conny Kalcher’s presentation from the Marketing 2.0 conference on how LEGO segments consumer persona types to maximize their social media efforts. Top 10 Reasons Your Company Should Not Tweet Even though Twitter has received a lot of buzz in the [...]

New Hampshire Social Media Breakfast Recap

During the latest New Hampshire Social Media Breakfast held at Rick’s Pond View and sponsored by CustomScoop, the topic of the morning was focused on Government 2.0 – how utilities and municipalities are using social media to communicate and connect with customers and the public. Some of the speakers of the day included Martin Murray [...]

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