Persuasive Picks for the week of 02/22/09

B2B Buyers Dig Social Media Jordan McCollum highlights the key takeaways from Forrester’s recent report on how B2B buyers interact with social media. Forrester clients can access the full report here. Turning your feed reader into a powerful monitoring dashboard I’m a big fan of using Google Reader to aid in some of my social [...]

Journalists Are People Too: Chris O’Brien, Business Columnist at San Jose Mercury News

What do Wilco, bowling, parenthood and Scottish fiddling have in common? They are all part of what makes Chris O’Brien more than just a great storyteller. PPR: You are a business columnist at the San Jose Mercury News; what do you look for in a good story CO: My ideal column finds a view point [...]

Christine Perkett and Heather Mosley Talk “PR and Social Media” on Lotame’s Social Media Remix

Lotame’s (client) “Social Media Remix” on BlogTalkRadio is described as “a show for all the publishers, advertisers, fans, skeptics, employees, and friends of everything and anything that is Social Media.” As mentioned in last Friday’s Persuasive Picks, PerkettPR’s own Christine Perkett and Heather Mosley appeared on the show last week to talk about PR’s role [...]

Persuasive Picks for the week of 02/16/09

Jeff Glasson is on vacation this week so I’m throwing up what caught my eye for this week’s Picks. Debunking Six Social Media Myths - B.L. Ochman of BusinessWeek claims that resistance to social media is futile, and that “If your business isn’t putting itself out there, it ought to be.” This post covers many [...]

How Important is Social Media in PR? Ask us Live Today on Lotame Radio at 11:30 ET

UPDATE: In a timely twist of fate, ZDNet’s Jennifer Leggio wrote a blog post today titled, “Research report: Is ’social PR’ for real? Which agencies get it?” The purpose as stated was to “determine which PR firms are best attuned to social media and are developing the most beneficial social programs for their clients” and [...]

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