The “R” in Marketing - Marketers (and Politicians) Still Missing the Point of MRM

I’ve been thinking a lot about the “R” in marketing lately - the relationship factor, if you will. That word has always been in CRM but what about MRM? Marketing Relationship Management? I’ve been thinking about how the best marketers today really get this - they aren’t just about pushing content or messaging, but about [...]

Persuasive Picks for the week of 10/11/10

How to Integrate Video Into Your Social Media MarketingThe latest episode of Social Media Examiner TV hosted by Mari Smith features a plethora of basic information on getting started with mixing video into your social content offerings. Watch the episode below, but be sure to make the jump over to the site for links to [...]

Getting Social—Social Media’s Boost for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pink—it’s everywhere this month. My local newspaper is dyed pink. NFL Football players are sporting pink sneakers and wristbands. Niagara Falls and the Georgia Aquarium are showing their support for breast cancer by lighting up in pink for the entire month. And even Microsoft issued a pink mouse to celebrate the cause. It’s Breast Cancer Awareness [...]

Persuasive Picks for the week of 10/04/10

New Facebook Groups Designed to Change the Way You Use FacebookFacebook announced a completely new version of its Groups functionality this week that has come with both praise and criticism. Find out more via this Mashable post that includes a video showing the basics of whats new. Marketers Losing Amid Social Media ClutterThis post from [...]

A Week of (Soggy) Marketing & Social Media Learning in Boston - Join us online or at IMS at 1 today!

If you’re in or around the Boston area this week, you already know that it’s a big week for new marketing, social media and business professionals. A flurry of events are taking place as IMS 2010 and FutureM are in full swing. If you can’t join live, be sure to watch the numerous sessions on [...]

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