Persuasive Picks for the week of 07/27/09

Three Instantly Effective Social Media Strategies Alexandra Samuel, CEO of Social Signal, outlines three great options for building a robust social media presence, regardless of budget. Her article in BusinessWeek suggest companies use simple and quick innovations, building on existing tools and established best practices. Facebook and MySpace: Beware Of The Mommy Bloggers Mediapost’s Catharine. [...]

Innovation in IT from … a PR company? Forrester Research Reports on PerkettPR’s “Golden Image” Standard

Update: Chris Silva, analyst at Forrester Research, kindly posted additional information and insight into the report, here. When I started PerkettPR over a decade ago, I knew I wanted to do something different. My goal was to build a new kind of PR firm that focused on superior client service through senior-level talent. I didn’t [...]

No “I” in TEAM - why we’re all now in sales, PR and customer service

There’s an age-old argument that has traditionally taken place among the walls of corporate America regarding the relationship between marketing, PR, sales and customer service: who is responsible for (and receives credit for) leads? What is the process for turning leads into customers and who “closes”? Once that happens, who is responsible for keeping customers [...]

Thank you for your support - Banker & Tradesman’s readers voted us the #2 PR firm

A while ago we asked our community of clients, partners, friends and supporters to vote for us - if you liked our work and believed we deserved it - in the Banker & Tradesman’s “Best of 2009″ Reader’s Poll. And vote you did! I’m thrilled to announce that we received the silver award for Best [...]

Persuasive Picks for the week of 07/19/09

Twitter Launches “Twitter 101″- Step One Of The Business Plan Still looking for self-help in understanding what Twitter is and how to use it? Now you can get that information straight from the source with Twitter’s new online guide for business. Nine Marketing Tips from a Six-Year Old’s Lemonade Stand Jim Lodico guest posts on [...]

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