Persuasive Picks for the week of 01/25/09

Community Managers Must Deliver ROI: Commandments For Surviving a Recession Jeremiah Owyang provides sound advice to Community Managers on how to step up their game, provide continuing value and (most importantly) help keep their jobs in these tough economic times. Are we really ready to move beyond Social Media 101? Many of us in the [...]

Uncertainty Equals Opportunity for New Leaders

With the frightening economy, massive layoffs and a new focus on personal branding, employers need to work harder than ever to keep employees motivated and working together. Leading teams in a time when uncertainty abounds is not an easy task. Yesterday in our staff meeting, I shared this sentiment – we’ll continue to be successful [...]

Persuasive Picks for the week of 01/18/09

Our Persuasive Picks series returns this week with five social media, marketing and PR-related posts that caught my eye this week. Online Reputation Management Done Right: What CEOs Can Learn From Hulu’s Jason Kilar Marjorie Kase from Markyr Media chronicles how Hulu CEO Jason Kilar made the right moves in responding to the online backlash [...]

Can I Do My Own PR?

Last week I was in New York City to speak on a Fashion PR 2.0 panel about the use of social media in PR and marketing for the fashion industry. During the course of the evening, many interesting questions were asked. One in particular that stood out was from a budding fashion designer who asked, [...]

Business Leadership Lessons from President Obama

Today was a day that should inspire and encourage everyone. Young or old, black or white, Republican or Democrat. Today was about change. Today was about progress. Today was about hope, humanity, faith and courage. It was about presence and tenacity - the welcoming of a new leader for a resolute country. Many things that [...]

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