“Trading cards here! Get your trading cards here!”

New PR Tips Collection to be Featured Weekly; Ultimately Producing a PR “Bible”

Source: Uploaded by PerkettPR via PerkettPR on Pinterest


What do baseball and PR have to do with one another? Other than individual performances adding up to a team win, maybe not much (although it could be a fun subject for a future blog post). Regardless, PerkettPR is hoping to create some fun with its new “PR Trading Cards,” which will be featured on our Pinterest and Facebook pages starting this week.

Remember collecting baseball cards as a child - trading and sharing and trying to obtain them all?  We wanted to create some similar fun – while also sharing some best PR practices - by showcasing our own “trading card collection” of PR Tips, by way of trading cards that you can trade, share or just keep handy.  You can even print each trading card off and stick in the spokes of your bicycle if you like. ;) We’ll be featuring two trading cards each week with our top PR and marketing tips.

In addition to sharing and trading them, we’d love for you to submit your own PR tips – we’ll design the best tips into a trading card to be featured in the collection.  A fan-contributed PR Tip trading card will be featured each Friday on our Pinterest and Facebook pages and included in an upcoming “PR Bible” as well.  This “PR Bible” will include the first 50 PR tips submitted, along with your name as the contributor.

To add to the fun, if you collect and share 10 tips or more, you can win a PerkettPR coffee mug. So be sure to like, follow, plus, view or read us and let us know that you’ve been sharing!

Are you ready for some fun? Head on over to our Pinterest and Facebook pages and check them out! To contribute a PR tip, please email your idea to [email protected].